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Com'X 200 - EBX200 Firmware

Information to come

ECC21 Firmware

Click on the file tab to transfer the latest ECC21 firmware to your Computer. Note: Communication to serial devices through the ECC21 during firmware updates is not available. Communications should be restored automatically in most PowerLogic Systems. 

ECC21 HTML Pages and Instructions

The ECC21 enables you to access custom HTML pages (stored in the CM3000 or CM4000 series circuit monitors) using a standard web browser. The HTML pages let you access real-time device data from a single device or multiple devices, including the host circuit monitor. For more information, download "Using the ECC HTML Pages" instruction bulletin.

  • Using the ECC21 HTML Pages - "Using the ECC HTML Pages" contains the information you need to download and use the custom HTML pages created for use with the ECC21 for CM3000 and CM4000 series circuit monitors. The document is available as a PDF or Word document.
  • Custom ECC21 HTML Pages -

    The CM3000 and CM4000 series circuit monitors with the optional ethernet card (ECC21) provide access to information using a standard web browser. This download page contains a zip file with 12 custom web pages for the ECC21. The zip file also contains one executable program. This program installs a graphing tool to your web browser for use with some of the graphing and trending features of the custom web pages. To install the graphing tool, expand the contents of the zip file to your hard drive, double-click the executable file, and follow the install instructions provided. For instructions on loading custom web pages into the ECC21 card, please see the "Using the ECC21 HTML Pages" section of this web site or the ECC21 User's Guide.

EGX100 Firmware

  • EGX100 Firmware v3.000 - This version of firmware provides improved validation of the IP Address and the IP Address/Subnet Mask combination.

EGX300 Firmware




EGX300 Firmware & Disk Image Update


Version 4.370 firmware provides:

          Added Time-out for SMTP and HTTP Data Log Export

          Updated ModbusTCP Client to handle connections closed by ModbusTCP Servers

          Modified Data Log Export algorithm

          Added Acti9 Dashboard functionality


Version 4.370 Disk Update provides:

Device Support:

          Vigilohm IM400



Added Input Metering Pulse Count to iEM3x55 and PM3255 Logging

Added Trending Support for the Conext TL

Updated ION7650 Reset Handling

Changed Micrologic E Min/Max Reset to reset both Min and Max values

Changed PM5350 "Total Energy" from "Energy Delivered + Received" to "Energy Delivered-Received"

Fixed issue with logging strings not matching topic for PM5100/PM5300, EM4800, PM5350xB, PM5350, and PM5500

Fixed issue with iEM3155 and iEM3255 not displaying Input 1 Pulse Weight correctly

Added check to PM3250 device type to determine whether or not to display Input Metering Values

Fixed Per Phase Power Trending in the iEM3150



*Upgrading to version 4.370 requires new firmware to be downloaded to the EGX followed by the egx04370.upd Disk Image. 

ION Setup

PM8ECC firmware & MIB

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